As someone who has renovated several kitchens and is soon to start another (when I’ve finished the bathroom and the deck!), I have a strong interest in the ins and outs of designing kitchens – especially when it comes to laying out the kitchen so we can squeeze every ounce of needed functionality into our often limited space.

But so many kitchen design resources (books or web sites) give you a quick chapter on layout, mostly speaking in generalities, then go on into Yet Another Countertop Materials Chapter, followed by Yet Another Appliances Chapter, and on and on.

My objective here is to collect and create information about the process of laying out a kitchen that works, where the pitfalls are (and how to avoid them), what real people like and don’t like about the kitchen layouts they ended up with – and pretty much anything else floor-plan-related.

Elevations too, of course. We’re working in 3D here and the floor plan is not the only important thing. But it’s where most of us start.

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