3D Kitchen Design

Design software makes the remodeling process much easier for homeowners who would like to give their kitchen a new look with the convenience and accuracy of computer designs.   It’s a great tool to use when you’re working with a contractor so you can get the design that you want.   Different software programs are available to get started.  Many programs are available for free download on the internet.    Other methods, such as small scale cardboard models can also give homeowners a 3D picture of what their finished kitchen may look like.

A 3D kitchen design makes it easier for you to conceptualize what your kitchen will be like when it’s finished.  After all, a kitchen is a 3 dimensional space, so it makes perfect sense to have kitchen designed using computer software!  Kitchen design tools give you the convenience of “trying on” different cabinets or tiles and seeing the overall effect on the computer screen.

There are a lot of different kitchen design software programs to choose from.  A Google search will provide a start, and you can find the program that’s right for you!

SmartDraw is a great beginners program which allows you to begin with a template and fill in kitchen features with simple commands.  You can download a basic version of it from the Internet.  Also, you can access online tutorials to learn how to use the features.

3D Kitchen provides software for cabinet makers.  Their program is available for purchase, or a free trial download is available at their website.  For homeowners getting their feet wet with 3D kitchen design, a free trial of one of these programs is a good starting point.

Plan 3D is subscription software (you pay only for the time you need to use it, as low as $2.95 a month) which gives you easy layout of single rooms like kitchens, or entire houses, a huge library of furniture and textures (including kitchen cabinets and appliances), and many ways to view your 3D model.

Professional cabinetmakers can purchase professional 3D kitchen software programs such as Pro100 can do “photo realistic” renderings of 3D kitchen designs.  This program is an investment.  It can be purchased for $2000!  AutoCAD is another professional software that allows professionals to manipulate the 3D space of a kitchen or other room.  If you are a homeowner working with a contractor, ask them if they have access to professional software programs such as these.  It takes a lot of the guess work out of the process, and also gives you a realistic picture of what your finished kitchen will look like.

Another benefit of 3D kitchen design software is that it makes it very easy to get measurements.  The program will give very accurate dimensions, which can be used to get accurate measurements of materials.

If you’re a homeowner who is not technically inclined, there are other options for achieving a 3D kitchen model.  The first place to start is in the kitchen itself.  If you’re standing in the kitchen, what overall impression do you want to achieve?  For example, if you want a kitchen that feels open, you may want to avoid cabinets hung from the ceiling.  Color is an extremely important part of remodeling.  You could try different paint swatches from hardware stores on a small section of wall to see the effect a certain color of paint will have.  By constructing small-scale cardboard models, you can try rearranging kitchen components.  Keep in mind that water supply lines make sinks fairly stationary.  If space is limited in your kitchen, consider options like a rolling island counter top which can be moved to different parts of the kitchen.

By using 3D software, homeowners can get an idea of what their kitchen remodeling project will look like.  They can also use small models to see how different kitchen components can be arranged.  A 3Dmodel provides the benefit of a finished picture before any counter tops are changed.

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