Small Kitchen Designs

When you’re starting in on a small kitchen design you’ve got a lot of things to think about.  It’s very important to get your priorities in order before you spend a lot of money on something that won’t meet your needs.

In a small space the most important thing that you can possibly consider is storage.  There are a certain number of things a kitchen needs and that number doesn’t change when you’ve got a small kitchen.  As you embark on your small kitchen remodel ask yourself if you’re including enough cabinetry.  Don’t even consider skimping here.  Well designed cabinets can multiply your storage space by several times.  Slide out drawers and cupboards can store all your stuff very densely while still letting you get to all of it easily.

That brings us to the next most important thing, efficiency.  If you design your kitchen and later find that you always have to walk all the way across it  every time you need to do something you’ll quickly find that you never cook in there again.  Plan out where to put the major appliances to minimize walking. Also make sure that you organize the cabinets to make sure that things you use together are stored together.  There’s nothing more annoying then having to open every cabinet in your kitchen to do a simple task.

So if you’ve throught through your design and planned to have enough storage and planned to use your kitchen efficiently then you’re most of the way there.  The finishing things that most people spend inordinate amounts of time and money on are really very secondary.   As you use your kitchen you’re unlikely to think, “Man, that granite counter top really makes it easy and quick to cook my dinner and clean up afterwards.”.  A super premium fridge may look nice, but if you blew your budget on that and had to get poorly laid out cabinetry then you will curse that fridge every time you can’t find that pot you needed.

The other thing to remember is that fashions change.  There was a time that a tile counter top and avocado appliances were all the rage.  Be careful about following the latest trends, what hip’s this year might be declasse in a few years.  Nothing looks as dated as those orange refrigerators and it seems likely that some of the stranger trends we see today will turn out to be the shag carpets of this generation.  It’s best to design things as well as you can, make sure your choices are simple and as much as possible timeless and leave the trend chasing to the people with unlimited budgets and people to impress.

Finally I’d say that the most important thing about small kitchen design is that you love it.  This is a room that you’re going to live in, probably for years.  Ask yourself what you like about other small kitchen designs.  For your small kitchen design pick out all the pieces that made you happy about every other kitchen you’ve been in, then make sure it’s laid out as efficiently as possible and that you’ve got room for all the tools you might need.   If you get it right you’ll have a little gem that will bring you happiness for years, not to mention something that will support the value of your home.  If you get it wrong you’ll be itching to try again right away and crying about all the money you spent chasing that latest trend in kitchens.

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