Decorating Your Kitchen Island With Style

A guest post by Robert Lobitz

Multi level kitchen islandYour kitchen island is a piece of paradise in your kitchen; a centerpiece that draws eyes and serves as the focal point of the room. It is the place that states elegance, even when the rest of the kitchen is cluttered during a meal preparation. It is the grounding part of the room and should be decorated with caution or it will take on a cluttered look of its own.

You’ll need to keep it simple when applying a creative flair to your island. It has a limited amount of space to work with and too much decoration will kill the effect you are trying to create.

Your kitchen island gives an open feel to your kitchen and by adding too many decorative accessories to it you’ll shut the door on this roomy type of atmosphere. A cluttered island makes the whole kitchen seem like a mess.

One simple item

You basically have two options when it comes to decorating your island. Keep it bare or add one decorative item only.

It doesn’t matter what size of decoration you use. The point is that it should be one piece only, or really nothing at all.

Here are some suggestions for decorating your island to keep it open and fresh.

1. A bowl of fruit

This can be a large bowl or a small one – the size doesn’t matter. The nice thing about a fruit bowl is it can be useful as well as decorative if you add real fruit to it. Also, different fruits are in season throughout the year, meaning that your bowl can have various looks all year round. You can also change the bowls to change the look of the room.

Another good thing about having a fresh bowl of fruit on display is that your children and teenagers may pull up their barstools and indulge in some fruit. This is an excellent way to get your kids to eat healthy!

2. Flowers

A bouquet of flowers or a single rose can completely change the tone of the room. Use a single flower on a romantic night and put out a bouquet of fresh flowers when you are expecting guests. This adds a natural look of beauty to the entire kitchen.

3. A Basket

Set up a basket with a few ornamental pieces that match the colors and decor of your kitchen. Even though you may select various things to put in the basket, the island will not look cluttered since they are all contained in the one basket.

When you are decorating your island, keep it as simple as possible. The worst thing you can do is add too much to it. Islands and their barstools are best left to show off for themselves their own special qualities.

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