Design Your Own Kitchen

Design your own kitchenThe best person to design your kitchen is you.

No one knows more about what you do in your kitchen than you do. Do you host dinner parties? Does your current kitchen lack storage? Do you not like the current kitchen layout? Or maybe you just want a fresh look.

Whatever it is, you can design your own kitchen more easily now than ever. The first step you need to do when you design a kitchen is to acquire all of the resources you can. There are loads of resources available on the Internet. A simple search of Google or another search engine for kitchen remodel ideas will return millions of results. Also you can visit your local bookstore and find many magazines on the subject. You can even visit some of the bigger home improvement stores, many have several different kitchens on display. When you use as many sources as you can, you tend to find kitchen remodeling ideas you did not even know existed and you also can learn of different style cabinets you did not know existed.

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Once you have gathered your sources you should figure out what is practical for your kitchen and your budget. When you start moving electrical outlets and water pipes the cost to design your own kitchen rises dramatically. So if at possible it is best to leave them where they currently are and design around them.

Once you have an idea of what you are wanting and what your budget is there are many programs that you can use to design your kitchen in 3d – see the Kitchen Design Online page for more details. IKEA has a free program that you can use to design your kitchen with their line of cabinets. Smart Draw is another program that allows you to design your own kitchen. Many programs are available that are free or low cost, some even allow for decorating kitchens with furniture and light fixtures.

One thing you could also do is take your design to a professional cabinet maker and have them draw it in their program. Often they will give you free advice and let you know of any problems with your kitchen. Also most of the larger home improvement stores will draw up your kitchen designs free of charge.

As a recap the Internet is one of your best resources for kitchen design ideas. It is full of pictures and free or low cost software that will aid you in designing your kitchen. You can even go to professional wood working forums such as WoodWeb and read design tips from professionals. Still to some of us nothing is like having a hard copy to refer to. With the numerous books dedicated to kitchen design this is an easy task. Any way you look at it, the resources are out there for you to aid in the design of your kitchen.

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