Island Kitchen Layouts

Islands have been so fashionable in the last few years that they have been squeezed into every possible – and not-quite-possible – kitchen. In the right situation, islands can really improve kitchen floor plans but they take more space than you might think.

One of the best locations for an island is between the kitchen area and the living or family area of a large all-purpose room. There is usually enough space in a room like this to make an island workable, and the island can mark off the boundaries of the kitchen area and provide seating space without creating tight squeezes in the process.

Things to watch out for in your kitchen island designs:

  • creating a “barrier island” which interrupts the legs of the work triangle
  • expensive plumbing work to have a sink in your island
  • expensive ventilation work to have a cooktop in your island
  • visual breaks to hide sink- or range-side mess on the island
  • too-short overhangs intended for eating, resulting in bumped knees
  • cramped aisles round the island
  • appliance doors which open into people sitting at the island
  • pointy corners and edges on island worktops (ouch!)

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  1. shaukat says:

    i want a layout where the cookingrnge is in the centre of kithen and also the size of kitchen

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