Kitchen Cabinet Layout That Works

If you are fortunate enough to be able to design a new kitchen or you are remodeling an existing kitchen, one of the most important things to consider is the kitchen cabinet layout. While you will have the option of  many different looks for the kitchen cabinets it is up to you to determine the the most functional approach.

When you are thinking about how to get the most out of your kitchen cabinet layout, consider your family and living arrangements. Also consider what is in the short term future for yourself, as you will not be undertaking such a major renovation in the near term. Some things to consider are do you have or plan to have children. If you do have children are they younger and you will help them access the cupboards most often, or are they older and self sufficient? Do you need to keep breakable items away from small children? Are you getting older and it is becoming more difficult to reach high places or bend over to reach lower storage? Do children not factor in to your life and instead you are looking for a kitchen cabinet layout that fits your lifestyle? All of these are important in determining functionality.

Additionally, how is the kitchen used in your house. Are you interested in cooking or do you mostly prepare quick meals? Is it the center for family gatherings and discussions or only used at meal times? Do you entertain frequently and have many guests in the kitchen? The type of use you are designing for will also determine the functionality you require.

Once you have thought about your family situation and how you use the kitchen, you are ready to begin the your design. Try several different kitchen floor plans as you look at different possibilities. Share this information with the company you are purchasing your cabinets from. They have many design suggestions to get you started, but will provide you with the ability to change the layout.

When you are locating the cabinets, think about their placement as it relates to major work areas. What items would you like to store closest to the sink, stove, microwave or refrigerator? Kitchen island designs contain a lot of storage room under the island, so take advantage of it. You should also determine if you are going to build a pantry for staples or instead store them in the cabinets.

Another consideration is what other storage exists for kitchen related items. Do you have a formal dining room set that offers a curio for china, silver and glassware? If not you can design some glamor spaces in your  kitchen to highlight these items. But you will want to put them off to the side away from key work areas as they will not be accessed as often.

One of the biggest challenge is finding the right storage space for large pots and pans. These require a lot of storage space and may not be used that frequently. Once again the under island space may be perfect for these items. Another option is to take them out of the cabinets entirely and hang them over the island.

Proper planning of your kitchen cabinet layout will provide a highly functional and enjoyable kitchen for many years.

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    Thats great info. I’m starting a home renovation upgrade and it will come in handy

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