Kitchen Plans with Peninsulas

Peninsulas, after being a fashion no-no for years, are back in style again. Style aside, like an island, a peninsula can improve the functioning of kitchen floor plans or make them worse. They can be used to create a partial barrier between the kitchen area of a larger room and the rest of the room (often with chairs or stools and an eating area on the non-kitchen side), to direct traffic, and to add counter space.

A peninsula can also act as too much of a barrier, especially if it includes overhead cabinets as well as base cabinets. You also need to make sure there’s enough room to get past the end of the peninsula easily. Another potential problem is appliance doors opening opposite the end of the peninsula, so that the person exploring the fridge for a snack, loading the dishwasher, or taking a hot casserole out of the oven blocks all traffic into the kitchen.

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