The Latest Kitchen Features from 1949: Some Great Ideas!

This video dates from 1949, and shows the latest features designed to save work and effort on the part of farm housewives especially. There are some really great ideas included – watch for:

  • The desk area by the phone is a small drop-leaf table on wheels – can be used as a serving trolley, extra table, or sit-down work surface anywhere in the kitchen
  • Cookbook holder on the inside of the wall cabinet door above the baking center
  • Corner wall cabinet with lazy susan comes down to counter level, stores heavy foods and equipment right where it will be used
  • Base cabinet lazy susan has an extra small top shelf for storing saucepans and pots with long hands so the handles stick out where you can reach them, but the shelf doesn’t block access to the next shelf down
  • potatoes and onions in separate ventilated bins directly above the counter. not in the refrigerator
  • Large pull-out work surface at lap level so you can work sitting down; pull the drop-leaf desk over to set beside the pullout and you have even more working space
  • All drawers in the base cabinets (wood runners though, and they don’t operate as easily as today’s drawers mounted on metal slides)
  • Recommendation to use the lowest drawers for long term storage only
  • “Ready-use” flour and sugar bins hanging from the upper cabinets, with bulk storage in the cupboard above that feeds the bin below it
  • Bins in the wall above the range for cereals that go directly into boiling water, like oatmeal, as well as salt for seasoning, and tea for the kettle. The salt bin has a spoon right in it – no searching for the measuring spoon.
  • Bi-fold doors on wall cabinets  fold back so they are safely out of the way
  • vertical dish rack for drying above the stove inside the upper cabinet
  • Wall cubbies with sliding doors in the backsplash behind the sink,  for powdered soap, scouring brushes, etc
  • Garbage hatch in the counter right by the sink, with a bucket in a cupboard below that opens to the outdoors as well as to the kitchen

My only remaining question is: why isn’t the housewife wearing an apron while she’s baking and cooking? My mother always did!

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5 Responses to The Latest Kitchen Features from 1949: Some Great Ideas!

  1. DW says:

    Really the the practical design of this kitchen, could be so useful even today. Is there further information, (one can hope) say, plans for it, or access to this video off of this website, in order to study it?
    I’m really enjoying your entire website, very good and practical information, well worth noodling thru for ideas. Thank you!


  2. kevinw1 says:

    I agree, there are all kinds of useful ideas. The original video is at:

    You can also find a discussion on the Kitchens forum at Gardenweb here:

  3. DW says:

    Thanks so much for that info! Exactly what I was looking for… We bought a foreclosed house last year, and the kitchen is unusable. Been looking about for a practical, efficient kitchen since… think I found one! I can use many of these ideas.



  4. ray maurice says:

    The dry tea and salt etc. storage above the stove will clump together due to moisture (steam) from the stove. Also I don’t see how the towels will dry enclosed in the cabinet. Sorry to be picky but the video was still great.

  5. Vicki Campbell Mensah says:

    A lot of great ideas. The flour is not covered enough by todays standards. Need to keep bugs and moths out from laying eggs. We do have the advantage today to have faucet wands to spray the dishes or dishwashers.

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