Ideas For Decluttering Your Kitchen

If you tossed out everything which doesn’t belong in the kitchen, wouldn’t that make it easier to cook a meal or simply get a snack and relax with a friend? Clearing out the clutter can improve ANY kitchen area, big or tiny, well or badly laid out.

Many of us have a number of things hanging out in our kitchens which could be got rid of with no great loss. How about food? Foods you experimented with and hated, foods that you thought you would eat, but never did, foods long past their expiry date, can all be got rid of and never be missed. Sometimes we keep worn-out equipment or supplies long after they have ceased being usable – worn towels and dishcloths, and cleaning supplies which are dried up or no longer usable are good examples. Pots and pans with wobbly handles, burned-out areas, or cracked enamel are also good candidates for the junk heap.

Other stuff just doesn’t belong in the kitchen, especially if we’re tight on space there. Cleaning supplies you use elsewhere, stuff belonging to other people or other rooms, and things used only at the holidays could all be stored elsewhere to free up kitchen space. Special-purpose equipment you haven’t used for more than a year also comes under this heading: if you really will use it again some time, store it somewhere else, otherwise: get rid of it!

Then there’s the stuff that just seems to breed when our backs are turned. Gadgets and small appliances are a classic problem here. Do you own small appliances you’ve never used, or used once and then never again? Or that don’t work and probably never will be fixed? How about “As seen on TV” gadgets that never worked as you’d expected? Many of us also have many duplicates of things such as can openers, utensils, china and flatware: pick the ones you love the most to keep, get rid of the ones you will really never use, and stash the “just in case” or “guest” pieces outside the kitchen. Oh, and how can we forget the plastic tubs (and their lids, which somehow never match up) and glass bottles that we hold on to because they are SO USEFUL! Of course, they are, but how many dozen do you really have room for? More are arriving all the time!

Sadly, lots of us also have shelves full of cookbooks and recipes we never look at. The photos were – and still are! – so alluring, but we just never got around to making the dishes. Will you – ever? No? Then probably someone else should have the chance to enjoy them.

With all that gone, perhaps you now have room to breathe and move in your kitchen. Going forward, try not to let the clutter collect again, as it wants to do. It’s much quicker to organize the stuff you really need and use, once the unwanted clutter is out of the way.

What if you don’t have room to move, even after you’ve cleared out everything that you can? What if the kitchen really is too small, or has too few cabinets, or too little counter space? In that case, maybe it’s time for kitchen makeover or even a complete remodel. Check the other articles on this site for lots of help with kitchen floor plans, decorating ideas, design concepts, and more.

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