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More Kitchen Zones and Work Centers

In a previous post on the kitchen “Zones” or “Work Centers” concept we talked about the basic zones (cleanup, cooking, prep, and storage) and some less basic zones that you may or may not need in your kitchen. Here are… Continue reading

Kitchen Design Layout for Easy Cooking

With the change in the real estate market many families are making the choice to remodel their homes instead of opting to purchase a new home. With that decision they are more often than not starting with the most important… Continue reading

Successful Kitchen Plans

For many homes, the kitchen is a focal point, a gathering place, and the heart of the home.  It is a place that has to function with peak efficiency. For those that look at their house as an investment,… Continue reading

3D Kitchen Design

Design software makes the remodeling process much easier for homeowners who would like to give their kitchen a new look with the convenience and accuracy of computer designs.   It’s a great tool to use when you’re working with… Continue reading

Your Small Kitchen Remodel: Plan for Efficiency and Storage

If you’re planning a small kitchen remodel there are some important considerations to think about so your resulting space provides the storage you need while functioning efficiently without the extra room of a large kitchen.  Don’t lament; big kitchen… Continue reading