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Your Small Kitchen Remodel: Plan for Efficiency and Storage

If you’re planning a small kitchen remodel there are some important considerations to think about so your resulting space provides the storage you need while functioning efficiently without the extra room of a large kitchen.  Don’t lament; big kitchen… Continue reading

Thanks for Subscribing!

Thank you for confirming your subscription to the Kitchen Layouts Bulletin, your weekly source for tips and tricks to help your new kitchen work better for you and your family. You just received your first bulletin, and the next will… Continue reading

Design Your Own Kitchen

Design your own kitchenThe best person to design your kitchen is you.

No one knows more about what you do in your kitchen than you do. Do you host dinner parties? Does your current kitchen lack storage? Do you not like the current… Continue reading

Small Kitchen Designs

When you’re starting in on a small kitchen design you’ve got a lot of things to think about.  It’s very important to get your priorities in order before you spend a lot of money on something that won’t meet… Continue reading

Kitchen Design Online

If imaginary kitchen floor plans are ever going to see the light of day, they have to get out of your head to where other people can see them – onto paper, usually. There are several tools to help you… Continue reading